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Automotive Window Tinting, Ceramic Coating, and Paint Protection in Rocklin, CA

Elemental: Your go-to for window tinting, ceramic coating, and PPF. Serving Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Folsom, Lincoln, Loomis, Sacramento, and beyond.


Adding tint to your car windows isn't just about style (but that’s a great reason too.)

First, it shields you and your car's interior from harmful UV rays that cause damage over time. It helps keep your car cooler in the scorching heat, saving you from sweating buckets and wasting gas while blasting the AC.

Tinted windows also make driving safer by cutting down glare from the sun and other cars, and they give you some privacy, which is handy for keeping your stuff safe.

And let's not forget, they give your ride a sleek, customized look that's bound to turn heads. So, whether it's for protection, comfort, safety, or style, adding window tinting from Elemental to your car is a win-win!


Paint protection film (PPF) is battle defense for your car, defending it against all sorts of enemies like rock chips, scratches, and sun damage.

It's practically invisible, so your car's sleek look stays un- touched while it's out there in the elements. You can skip the constant waxing and polishing hassles – just a simple wash keeps your car looking fresh. Plus, when it's time to sell, buyers will love that your ride still looks like it just rolled off the lot, thanks to that extra layer of protection. So, give your car the superhero treatment from Elemental it deserves with PPF and enjoy worry-free cruising knowing your paint is always safe and sound!


Imagine a shield that keeps your paint safe from scratches, the sun, bird poop, and even your obnoxious kids. All while giving it a glossy, showroom shine. It's magic for your
car's paint.

Your car becomes super easy to clean – just a quick wash and it looks brand new. Enjoy that freshly detailed look without constantly worrying about upkeep. Once you experience the ease and brilliance of ceramic coating from Elemental, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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About Elemental

At Elemental, we're not just about enhancing your vehicle, we're about elevating your experience, everytime you drive your car. With over ten years of experience between our team, our crew ensures that every project is handled like it's our car.

We specialize in window tinting, ceramic coating, and paint protection film (PPF) services to take your ride to the next level.


Serving Rocklin, Granite Bay, Roseville, Folsom, Loomis, Lincoln, and the greater Sacramento area, trust Elemental to keep your car's adventures epic. Come experience the Elemental difference, where style meets protection, and every ride becomes a journey worth remembering.

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